Investing In Gold Offers Several Options

When you invest in gold, you have options. You can choose whether you want to buy gold bullion, gold coins, gold jewelry or gold as a traded fund. There are pros and cons with each choice. You decide which option is best for you.

Physical Gold

Gold bullion, coins and jewelry is real gold. You can hold it and look at it. This is a special thrill for some people. They just love the way it shimmers and shines. They like knowing that they can use this in any country in the world. It is recognized every where as real money. And it has the same value all over the world.

The problem with real gold is storage. It is bulky and heavy. You would need a super strong safe or vault to protect it from theft or fire. Or you could store in a safety deposit box in the bank or at a secure storage facility that specializes in protecting valuables. Read this page on gold ira investing to find out more.

The storage facility is the safest bet, but some people like to have their gold in their home, where they can take it out and look it over when ever they please. The jewelry can be worn. Any time you feel like decking yourself out in gold, just take it out and put it on. Nothing makes you feel like a million bucks the way gold can.

Virtual Gold

Gold traded as a fund (Exchange Traded Fund or ETF) is basically virtual gold. You don’t see it or actually have it in your possession. You get a paper that represents the gold you own. The paper includes all of the details of your ownership such as the amount.

These paper representations of actual gold are traded on the stock market, so you have to contact a stock broker if you are interested in buying shares. After that, you can watch the market to see how your investment is doing. You can buy more shares, sell what you have, or just sit back and watch as the excitement unfolds.

Although a record of your shares is on file, you should still keep your copy in a safe place to prove the amount of shares you own, in case there is ever a problem.